Misti’s Adventures Part 9

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The following Monday, Sharon was up at 7:00 in the morning. She had made arrangements to follow Mary to the office to start her new job. Mary had told her what time she would be leaving the house, and had told her who she would be seeing to take care of the necessary paperwork to get started. She had pictures of all the other people in the office that she had taken at various social events. It seemed that luncheons, parties, or outings were held for any reason that any of them could think of. Mary assured her that they had some of the finest people there you could ever hope to meet, and/or work with. She made sure that the usual office politics, and the accompanying intrigues didn’t develop. Gossip was shut down immediately, and the instigator was warned against a second time. There had been only one time that further action had to be taken. The culprit had been immediately let go. That had been evidence enough.

Sharon picked out a very lovely tan blouse, and paired it with a khaki skirt similar to the one Mary had worn, only longer, (it reached just above her knees), and had put out a matching bikini panties and bra set. Satisfied with her wardrobe, she went in and took her shower, applied the little bit of make-up she would wear, dressed, and went downstairs for some breakfast. Carol had heard her getting ready and went down to make breakfast and see her off. There was only a few months difference in their ages, but Carol enjoyed being the big sister to her. Sharon didn’t mind a bit, in fact, she rather enjoyed having someone looking after her, or listening to her problems. It had been Carol she had turned to when she found out what her husband was doing to, an with, her. Carol had given her a shoulder to cry on and some VERY sage advice.

Carol had the coffee ready, and bread in the toaster, and was setting out butter (the REAL thing) and some homemade jelly, Sharon’s mom had made. This was all they ever had for breakfast, not like Dave. He wanted a real country style breakfast. Bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast or biscuits. preferably with gravy. They had taken the boy out of the country, but they hadn’t taken the country out of the boy. This was one of the MANY things they both loved about him.
His sense of humor was another. He had inherited his father’s ribald sense of humor, and had made it into an art-form. He was the only person who could get the better of his father. This had made them more like brothers than Father and Son.

The girls sat at the table with the toaster and a loaf of bread between them, eating the toast and sipping their coffee, talking of what was happening, and had happened, already. Their contrasting appearance was astounding. Sharon, fully dressed for her first day at a new job, and Carol, as naked as she had been on the day she was born. Both looked like dreams come to life.

They had all met in their back yard yesterday afternoon, and after a bit, Michael, Jerry, and Dave had gone to the market and brought back cold cuts, chips, and all the fixings, and they made sandwiches, and had what ever beverages they had wanted. The guys had gone over under one of the trees, and were talking about a ball game they had watched earlier, leaving the girls to talk among themselves. They were discussing their shopping trip. Especially the guys that had been looking them over, and comparing their attributes. Mary had dropped a bombshell when she told them that they could judge the size of their equipment by looking at their fingers. She had even called the guys over and had them hold out their hands. They already knew how big each of them were, so looking at their hands just drove home the point. The only one who knew what was happening was Jerry. He explained it to them after they had gone back to their area.

There had been a few that warranted a second look, but most had been High School boys. Some of the others were much too old to be of much interest, but there had been a few. One of these had been the man Carol had been looking at. The others had noticed the attention she had given him, and had asked her why she hadn’t gone over and spoke to him. She had replied that she wasn’t quite up to it so soon after their previous night. They had all had a good laugh out of this, and Mary had suggested that if she was THAT sensitive, it might have been the best lay she had EVER had. THE ULTIMATE ORGASM!!! Misti had even hinted that it would be enough to make her stutter for a whole week. This broke them ALL up into uncontrollable laughter.

Sharon looked at the clock on the wall, and took a sip of her coffee. “I’ve got to run, Sis. Mary, I mean Mrs. Hinkle, will be waiting for me. I don’t want to make us late on my first day. She was out the door and off to, what she hoped was to be a new life.