Misti’s Adventures Part 52

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The next morning, Sharon and William came in the back door. Unusually, Mama Campbell was alone in front of the stove cooking breakfast, and Mama Breen was setting the table. Some of the food had already placed in platters and bowls, but Mama Breen had an obstacle to work around. Betty was sitting there with a cup of coffee, but her head was down like she had a headache, and was cradled in her two hands, elbows on the table. “Land Sake’s, girl. You need to either go in the other room, or, better yet, go back to bed. Sitting here like that, you’re useless as tits on a boar hog! Get out of the way! We got work to do.”

Mama Campbell looked over at the pair of them. “Betty. Take a couple of asperins go upstairs, and go to sleep. There ain’t nothin’ that needs your attention down here. Go on with you, now.” Betty looked up at Mama Breen, then stood and put her arms around her neck. “I’m sorry, Mommy. I feel like I’m on some sort of d**gs. I just can’t get moving, this morning. My legs feel like they weigh a ton apiece.” Mama Campbell looked over at her, a devilish smile on her face. “Couldn’t have anything to do with all the shakin’ they was doin’ last night, could it? I’ve had the same thing
happen to me a couple of times, over the years. But then, I know when they’ve had enough exercise.” Mama Breen covered her mouth with her hand to suppress the laugh trying to escape her. Sharon, didn’t even TRY to hold it back. She turned lose, nearly roaring with her laughter.

William, wisely, knew that if there was ever a time to keep silent, it was NOW. He contented himself with a smile, turning to hide even THAT. Sharon started whistling the theme song from what had been one of her favorite shows on TV, that she had only seen in re-runs. She stopped whistling, and softly called, “Lassie…Lassie!” This was more than any of them could stand. All of the women roared with laughter. Even William joined in, unable to hold it in any longer. Betty aimed an evil look at him. “Even YOU, William? I expected better from YOU.” She turned to go upstairs. “My LOVING family.” she growled. She went up the stairs, and they heard her door slam.

They were still laughing a second or two later, when Misti came in. “What did I miss? she asked. William, hugging and kissing her cheek, told her, “Ask the ladies. If I say anything else, I’ll be in the doghouse for a month, at least. Sharon, pausing long enough to give her her own hug and peck on the cheek, told her, “We were joshing Betty about her vocals last night. She was almost under William’s and my window last night. It was like she was in the room WITH us. I have to thank her, though. It turned William on so much, he rolled me over and split my fuzz…TWICE!!! I had to cover my face with a pillow to keep from doing my own yodeling.” MIsti started chuckling, which turned to a full-fledged laugh. “Michael and I heard it with our window closed. We thought, at first, it was a siren. Mike opened the window and started laughing. He told me what it was, and I listened, again. Then I recognized Betty’s voice. She made the same sound with Jerry the other day at the farm. It made me excited, and I asked Mike if he could make me sing like that. He put me on the bed and gave me the best fucking I’ve had in a long, LONG time. I called all the monkeys in the world. In fact, I’m surprised you aren’t talking about ME!” Sharon squeezed Misti’s shoulders, looking down at her. “Sounds to me like we are three very, VERY lucky girls. We all enjoyed some of the best lays we’ve had in a WHILE!!!” Mama Breen and Mama Campbell turned to fix them all in turn, with hard stares. “Don’t rub our noses in it. We’re needin’ to get laid, too. Billy and Jerry need to watch out. We’ll take it away from them if they don’t screw us on their own. We had to settle for munchin’ carpet last night. We BOTH need the real McCoy.” Mama Breen stepped over next to the counter and pulled a paper towel from the roll. “Just look at what you all did. All this talk your doin’ about gettin’ laid has me drippin’, I’m so hot.”

MIsti had noticed that Dave wasn’t there, and asked about him. They had been so busy discussing the night before, that he hadn’t been missed, yet. William offered, and went upstairs to fetch him. He stepped over to the door of his and Carol’s room. Dave was busy. Carol was astraddle of him, rocking back and forth slowly. Looking like she was more ready for sex than any of them had thought. Feeling eyes on her back, she looked over and saw William watching them. She smiled at him, and stated, “A girl can take just so much, and I had it. I had to get some lovin’. He’ll be down in just a few minutes. This is his second load on the way. You can stay and watch, if you want, but I might just attack you, too. I’m still hotter than a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire.” Just as she said that, she threw her head back, her and Dave both groaning. He raised his hips, lifting her, and she leaned over to kiss him repeatedly. “OH MY GOD!!! THAT WAS WONDERFUL!!! I REALLY, REALLY NEEDED THAT!!! I could use more, but you have to go to work.”

Carol dismounted, Dave’s cum smeared on her thighs and pussy, and more running down the crack of her ass. She cupped her hand under her crotch, and started for one of the other bathrooms, leaving theirs for Dave to use. She paused to give William a quick kiss and went out the door. He admired her soft ass swinging back and forth as she walked, as only a fresh fucked woman can. He had seen when she came toward him, that she only had a very small tell-tale bit of stretch marks on her tummy. The only difference was that her breasts were a little bit larger than before, from being full of milk, and her nipples were a little darker from Sarah’s nursing. She would suffer none of the bad things many women went through after giving birth. She would STILL be a hot, little cunt. As desirable as she ever had been. She HAD though, either by herself, or with someone else’s help, continued to shave her pussy. It was as slick and beautiful as it had EVER been. He felt himself getting hard, even though he had screwed the ass off of Sharon last night.

Dave raised up, reached over and grabbed his pants and underwear. He laid them on the bed and reaching over, grabbed a pair of socks and pulled them on. He barely glanced at William, mumbling “Mornin.” to him. He stood pulling on his underwear. William spotting his predicament, stepped into the bathroom and retrieved a wet washcloth and handed it to him. “Better use this or you might smell like shrimp in the sun too long today. Dave looked up at him and mumbled, “Thanks.” to him, washing himself a bit. He finished pulling up his underwear, and sat on the edge of the bed pulling on his blue jeans as far as his butt, then stood to finish putting them on. He went to the chest and got a T-shirt, and a shirt from the closet. He pulled them on. and buttoned his shirt just as Carol was coming in the door. “Oh Damn! I was hoping to get back and get another round before you dressed.” She reached down, stroking Williams crotch. “Are you glad to see me, or are you packin’ a gun?” she asked with a smile. She squeezed lightly. “OH MY GOODNESS!!! IS THAT ALL FOR ME? HOW THOUGHTFUL OF YOU!!!” She unbuckled his pants, unzipping them and yanking them, and his underwear, down in one fast pull. His pecker was still semi-hard from watching her walk past him, before. Her touch aroused him once again. She stepped on his pants so he could step out of them. “Come over here and give the new Mommy a little lovin’. She needs it bad.” She led him over to the bed and sat down pulling his hands to join her. William looked over at Dave for help. Dave told him, “Go ahead and fuck her. She won’t quit ’till you do.”

Dave turned and started downstairs. He was draggin’. The others asked where William was, and he told them. All four of them went up the stairs at a run. They got to the door just in time to see Carol fork a leg across him, and settle down on top of him, his full length inside of her. Hearing the commotion, Carol looked over her shoulder and smiled. “HI, ALL! Just getting caught up a little. Twice wasn’t enough, but that’s all Davey could give me. William offered to see if he could help me out. Mama Campbell remarked, “I’m not really THAT surprised. Not after what she said the other day. She’s always been a hot, little girl. Ever since Davey popped her cherry. Once she found out what it was like, she couldn’t get enough. Can’t blame her, though. The rest of us are the same way.” “Honey. When you and William run out of steam, clean up and come down and eat some breakfast. You’ll need your strength. We’ll take Sarah down with us. Now. You two have fun, and come down and eat when you’re finished.”

Mama Breen had already picked Sarah out of her crib. “Come on, Sweetheart. You can keep Granny, Grandma, Aunt Sharon, and Aunt Misti company. We’ll show you how a little girl SHOULD be treated.” She glanced over her shoulder as she went through the door. “Don’t bother bringin’ the Johnny Board. She won’t be needin’ it.” Misti’s eyes teared up at hearing her inclusion. Back home it was an honor to be named as an Aunt or Uncle. It meant so much to her to be made a part of this family.

Carol had barely noticed when they left. She was not only enjoying Williams attention at the present, but remembering all the times they had made love, before. She was SO GLAD that she had met him that morning, on the way over to see Misti, and even MORE glad that she had seen him again that same day. He had not only become a member of the family, but, a boon to them all, as well. He was always kind, considerate, and polite. He had not only fallen in love with Sharon, but had caused the rest of the family to fall in love with HIM. When she had seen her Dad kiss him that morning, she knew he had been accepted. She was so glad, also, that Sharon had fallen in love with him. After what had happened to Sharon, she had been afraid she would turn sour on men.

She was rocking back and forth, enjoying the feel of William inside of her. It was like a tickle, mixed with tiny electric shocks. Her breath, and his, were getting faster and faster. She slowed her motion, and changed the way she was riding him. She loved the feel of him inside of her almost as much as she enjoyed the feel of Dave inside if her. Of all the men who had, for lack of a better term, split her fuzz, or squirted her cunt, could NOT match any of the men IN HER OWN FAMILY!!! She had a husband, two Fathers, and three brothers, who could give her better than any other lover could EVER give her. Now she had a fourth brother that was just as good, and she loved just as much. When she added in her two dearest neighbors, she was living inside a dream come true. William had pulled her down to kiss her and was kissing her breast. She hoped he wouldn’t get a mouthful of her milk. He might not like it. She felt him sucking on her nipple, and considered pulling it away from him, but he was holding her where she couldn’t. She didn’t need to worry. He smiled up at her. “Best thing in the world. Fresh Mama milk. It’s a wonder anybody quits nursing.”
She smiled down at him and moved to offer him the other breast, which he immediately took and started sucking. His energy seemed to increase with that. He thrust upward into her, and pulled her down, holding her to roll over on top of her. “Tell me if I get too rowdy. I don’t want to hurt you.” She spread her legs for him, and he began thrusting anew into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles, and doing her best to bite him with her internal muscles. He seemed to sense how hard and how deep to push into her. His pace did increase. He was fucking her faster and faster. He would barely touch her deepest part, and would pull back. Where, before, it had simply felt nice, now it was GREAT! She could feel the excitement building inside of her. It was building to an unsustainable crescendo, demanding release. The pressure inside her built to a fever pitch, and suddenly, mercifully, exploded. She grabbed a pillow just in time to partially muffle her scream. William stopped, and she grabbed him, pulling his face near. “Don’t you dare stop!!! Fuck me some more!” She covered his face in kisses, groaning, and sobbing. Her tongue darted into his mouth like a hummingbird drinking nectar. She squeezed him with her arms and her legs, until she felt his sperm gushing inside of her. They clinched as tight as they dared, holding each other for dear life.

Finally, totally spent, they held each other kissing over and over, Carol enjoying the feel of his warm body on top of hers. It felt delicious. William rolled, finally, to the side and arose from the bed, going into the bathroom and wetting a washcloth with warm water. She enjoyed the sight if his flaccid dick wagging as he walked back to the bed. It was amazing, to her, how something could be so strong one minute, and shrink up so much, so quickly. On impulse, she raised up and kissed it, then sucked it into her mouth. Their mixed juices tasted SO GOOD!

“YOU better clean up a little better, get dressed, and get downstairs. Your breakfast will be cold.