Fertility Down: Chapter 5. The Calm

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Chapter 5: The Calm (no action just story)

I walked out of the principle’s office like I didn’t even know where I was. I spent the entire period talking and having sex with…. I didn’t even get her name. Great. I lost my virginity to a woman I don’t have a name for. I had my signed contract in my backpack. I had no idea I’d be able to make this much money from donations. 2-3 donations and my college is paid for. 3-4 donations and my parent’s house is paid off. After that I can live off of 1 donation month, scratch that, I can live off of 3-4 donations a year. What was the point of going to college?

I went through the motions of the rest of my classes. I finally got to the last period. Band class. Jane and Dan were there waiting for me outside of the classroom already.

“You will not believe how many people asked about you today.” Dan blurted out.

“Yeah, girls kept coming up to me asking if you were seeing anybody.” Jane said this a little more quietly but sounded excited. “I had to tell them you were single. But then eventually people were asking if you and Rachel were serious. Who the fuck is Rachel?”

“Oh she asked me to her place 1st period.”

“Holy Shit, you’re going to lose your virginity today? “ Dan said a little more excited than I found comfortable. Too bad he had no idea that I had 2 forms of sex today already. But I wasn’t going to tell them that. Not yet anyway. Danielle made a good point these rumors going crazy and defining me. I had to be more careful.

“I don’t know what Rachel has planned honestly.” I deflected the comment as best as I could. Jane could tell I was hiding something though.

“So what else happened today?” Jane asked curiously. I didn’t want to stand outside the classroom anymore so we started going into the band room.

“I signed an exclusive contract .” I said while making it back to the instrument storage area where we kept the large instruments we borrowed from the school.

“ALREADY?” Jane yelled out almost a little angry. “How much research did you do before you signed the first fucking contract someone put in front of you?”

“I’m not an idiot Jane. I’ve known for a while what the going rate is for, on average, for the major companies.” I must have sounded annoyed cause Jane seemed to look a little embarrassed after I started talking. “ This company is paying a lot more than I thought any company would pay. And believe it or not I … negotiated to a better price.”

“So how much are we talking about?” Dan sounded very curious and excited.

I leaned in and whispered. “30 per sample. No quotas. Yearly raises per sample.” They looked like they saw a ghost. I thought one of them would have blurted out the number like they do on shows, but it seemed they knew that would be a bad idea. “Lets get to our seats and talk about this after school.”

After band we quickly got to Dan’s car. I told them about the details of the contract and how it’s going to work. I didn’t tell them about Danielle or the representative from the company. They were more into the money part of the deal.

It was Jane’s idea for me to finally get my own checking account. We went to the bank and it was pretty straight forward. My parents had already opened up a joint savings at this branch so they had my information ready, and with my license and social I had a bank account for the money I was going to be getting. They were a little supporised that I asked for the highest level of banking with the highest minimum needed to avoid a few. The banker really tried to talk me out of that level. Trying to convince me that even though I would be getting the highest interest rate for money in the account I would need to keep on average $10,000 in the accound to avoid the very high fee for that level. My friends were very amused about that and kept telling him that I ‘was good for it’. Even though he could see that my joint savings with my parents clearly had less than that.

We left the branch with my new found adult hood level increased. We went to the park afterwards. We would go to the park and hang out at the picnic table all the time. Less and less so while we progressed through high school. But it seemed like a natural place for us to go to. Try to get back to our roots in a way.

“When are you meeting up with Rachel?” Jane asked trying to make it sound natural.

“I’m not sure.” I said a little shyly. “We didn’t talk about time. Besides I need to shower first, I … had gym today.”

“Dude you have to tell us how it goes.” Dan said.

“You’re just going to have sex cause she asked for it?” Jane said annoyed. “Each time you have sex is another day you have to wait until you can deposit for $30k. Is it really worth it?”

“Honestly, I already … um… you know. Today.” I’m not used to talking like this infront of them, and Jane wasn’t used to it either. It was as painful for me to say that awkward sentence as it was for her to hear it.

“Really? You got off yesterday with the machine and you had to get yourself off this morning again?”

“Oh yeah. I did to. We hadn’t gotten off for a full week for the test yesterday. Heck I took care of myself twice last night too.” Dan said to have my back, but just made it even more awkward. And me and Jane just looked at him like he was a different species.

“OK! Thats more than I needed to know.” Jane kinda said with a smile. “But wait, so she’s going to expect to possibly getting pregnant tonight. Are you going to tell her you … dont have a full compliment of soldiers?”

“She knows we had the test yesterday. I don’t have the full 3 days rest that’s required for a sample deposit anyway. Rachel is smart. She knows the chances are lower already. Which is fine by me honestly.”

“So what if Rachel or someone else wants to have sex tomorrow or the next day?” Jane asked

“He’ll have rally the troops!” Dan yelled out. “You know… cause you made the soldiers joke before.”

I actually let out a small laugh. It was a dumb joke that Dan makes often enough and we love. Jane was less amused.

“After today, no matter what, I’m starting the clock on the next sample. I’m going to go home shower. Set up the direct deposit to my bank account. Head to Rachel’s. Then come home and go back to my life for the next few days.”

“OK. I don’t want you to get taken advantage of.” Jane sounded concerned. “You’ve been given a gift. Don’t let people you barely know screw you over.”

“Hey guy you can sit on the swing if you want!” Dan yelled at one of my security guys standing awkwardly next to the swing set trying to look professional. I was getting used to them honestly. They were usually far enough away for me to ignore. They werent’ in any of the classrooms today. Always standing outside the classrooms, sometimes down the hall from them even. The security guy just shook his head no at him. We laughed cause we didn’t think he’d actually respond.

Dan eventually drove me home. We said our goodbyes. Dan made a sex joke. Jane pretended to look ashamed to be in the car with him but she was smiling too. I got inside. Took a shower. Set up the direct deposit for Future Solutions. I finally took out my phone and texted Rachel.

‘Just got done with some errands. When are you free for me to come over.’

‘be ready in an hour ;)’

‘need me to bring anything?’

‘u kno what to bring’

‘ok see you soon’

This small text chain made me grin from ear to ear. Id be lying to say that I wasn’t imagining myself dating Rachel at this point. A part of me wanted to date Rachel, but another part wanted to keep seeing other women too. A whole new world was opening up to me and I didn’t want to be locked in for the rest of the year. Maybe she’d be ok with an open relationship like Danielle had? No probably not.

I made myself a quick sandwhich. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be given food at all. So I made sure I ate enough to get by for the rest of the night, but not too much so that if I was offered food I couldn’t eat.

I was about to set up a ride through an app when one of the guys spoke up.

“Sir if you need a ride we suggest we drive you?” Random security guy said to me

“No thats fine, I don’t want to impose.”

“Sir let me rephrase that.” He said more authoritatively. “We can’t allow you to take rides from people you don’t know. We insist we drive you.”
“Ok. Saves me money I guess.”

He drove me to Rachel’s house without me telling him the address. Oddly the other security guy was following us in another car that I wasn’t aware they had.

“Did you guys always have 2 cars?”

“Yes we need 2 on site. It help if we need to make an emergence convoy or if one car breaks down”

“I’ve never seen a new car not have auto pilot either.”

“Another security feature. That way nobody can hack into our cars while we are following you. And when you get a car we’ll have full override authority on your car as well.”

We pulled up to the house. He didn’t say anything. I kinda thought he was going to tell me good luck or something. This was the most one of them talked to me. I wasn’t sure if they were very professional or if they hated having to follow and secure an 18yo k** like me. They both drove and set up themselves. I took notice this time. One was parked a few houses back from the house on her side of the road. And the other was parked a few houses down and turned around to be on the opposite side of the road.

I almost expected them to come inside to do a sweep. I was standing on the porch while the sun was setting. I noticed over the horizon some storm clouds starting to roll in. I glanced at my phone to see the weather. Yup rain. That’s when I realized I was stalling. I’m much more nervous about this than I thought. Even after what’s happened today. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.


Sorry guys and gals. The action is going to be in the next chapter.